• Height 27 inches.
  • Width 25.5 inches.
  • Depth 20 inches.
  • Has 1 rotor and 4 speakers.
  • Accepts 2 channels from the source.
  • The amp provides 100 Watts of RMS power.
  • An 11 pin connector:
    1. Flute/Tibia audio
    2. Main/Stationary audio
    3. No Connection
    4. Audio Ground
    5. Control Supply Common
    6. Control Circuit Common
    7. Fast Motor Control
    8. Slow Motor Control
    9. No Connection
    10. Aux #1
    11. 29 VDC for control head
  • Leslie recomends it for use with Most 1 or 2 channel instruments.
  • Has a wood cabinet.
  • Has a quarter inch guitar input.
  • Uses an electronic simulated rotor.


The Leslie 323 is recommended for musicians desiring a compact Leslie cabinet. 'The sound is "separated" with the highs reproduced by a horn rotor and the lows reproduced by a 12" bass speaker with electronic rotor capability. In addition, there is a stationary channel designed to accommodate the audio signal from another sound source such as a synthesizer or external sound module. This audio signal is handled by three speakers - a heavy duty 12" speaker which also handles the lower frequencies for the rotary channel, a 5" speaker for the midrange, and a Piezo tweeter for the high frequencies.


In addition to the 11-pin interface designed for use with Hammond XB-Series products (XB-2, XB-5, XB-3, XC-3 and A-205), the 323 has a1/4" input jack. An external sound source such as a portable organ, personal keyboard, synthesizer, etc., can be directly connected, eliminating the need for a separate preamp. A foot switch connector allows a foot switch to be used to switch the rotors between "Fast" and "Slow". If a Stereo Plug to Mono Jack adaptor is used, two foot switches can be used to operate both Fast/Slow and On/Off modes. Bass and Treble tone controls and a Master Volume control allow the overall sound quality and sound level of the cabinet to be customized to individual preference. In addition, the "remote turn-on" feature allows the 323, with current kits, to be turned "on" and "off" from the organ console, making this Leslie Speaker the ideal choice for a large number of musical applications, including many traditional 2-channel organs.

The features of this model, other than the cabinet, are the same as model 303

Specificaties Leslie 323

Basversterker: 65 W
Hoornversterker: 35 W
Totaal vermogen: 100 W RMS
Afmetingen: 66x69x51 cm (HxBxD)
Gewicht: 50 kg